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Is Fan Fiction real Fiction?

Is Fan Fiction real Fiction?

fan fiction pervert

The unfortunate associations we have with fan fiction.

Now then, to be absolutely clear, I do not agree with the sentiment expressed in the image at the start of this post. Before anyone accuses me of rash generalisations, only 95% of fan fiction is about the authors desire to have kinky sex with the lead character of their favourite novel (JOKE). Again, I am sorry for both the cheap joke and the…

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Quality, or Quantity?

Signpost quality and quantity

Which direction do you take?

If you’ve been following this blog for a month or so, you’ll know that I have been trying to write 500 words each day, every day. Admittedly I’ve been fairly lax with myself and haven’t tried to stick myself in the hole of one specific type of writing. It’s not just fiction that I can write, it’s anything. I’m not sure yet whether this is too broad an approach to…

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

In the relatively short time (since last November to be exact) that I have been in regular contact with other writers I have frequently come up against the question of what characters can and should be called. The usual suggestions of name generators or looking at the nearest bird watching guide for inspiration. Who knows, it can’t be that bad an idea. The worrying aspect is the number of…

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Breaking up is hard to do. It’s very hard. Regardless of the context, the closure and finality that accompanies the parting of ways is incredibly painful and for writers can develop into an acute problem which forces us into a corner out of which we are unable to crawl. With then intention of being completely open, I should state that I currently have one manuscript of 55,000 words (from…

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The dangers of self publishing… and the value of a good editor

The dangers of self publishing… and the value of a good editor

Cartoon about self-published authors

Is this what Self-Publishing success looks like?

If, like me, you dream of being able to write as a full time job. Quit the nine to five and do what you love all day long. Then you’re hoping that one day a publishing executive will pick up your manuscript, declare it to be the best thing that they’ve ever read and bang! You’ve got a publishing deal, next thing you know it’s been optioned for a…

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Fuck social media. Fuck this fucking fucked up world which sees clarity in a heartwarming video about a homeless man being giving $1,000 dollars and a tour of the $15m house some fucking dance music producer has brought. As if I give a shit where he does his, it’s all a self-serving vortex of trash. Designed to make us feel like somehow everything if fair.

Bollocks is it. I’ve got my fair share of problems that’s for sure, and all I can think about is how I want more, more of what exactly? More fucking shit to fill my house with so that I don’t have to think about the people who are dying to be a part of a system that we are oh so complacent about? Where a drugged up twat tells me there’s no point in voting? What have we fucking come to?

Astronauts talk about how amazing yet utterly insignificant the world looks from space. How looking down on this marvellous creation only serves to highlight the sheer level of insignificance.

This world is broken. And I don’t think we know how to fix it. Religious opinion comes off as crazy, rationality is cold, rebellion ends in death. Fuck me. This is a fucked up planet.

I bitch about the one immature cunt I work with who ignores me because I ‘insulted’ them 3 weeks ago? What does that even matter? It matters not the tiniest fucking bit. Yet I want it to matter.

And now, I choose to find release by ranting on a blog?

Original idea there.

What type of writer are you?

What type of writer are you?

hand holding paper with the question are you  real writer

Well, are you?

if you’ve ever told someone that you’re a writer. Not in any specific context; but just in general conversation, you will undoubtedly have been asked ‘what type of writer are you?’. It’s not always the easiest question to answer either, are they asking whether or not you make money from writing, whether you write fiction or non-fiction or if you just do it out of the sheer love for…

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Now debating whether or not I should take the blog off of my Wordpress one and just stick it on here… Then again I shouldn’t publish stuff to the internet that I don’t want people to read